How much money each Premier League club earned from TV and their final position

The 2017/18 Premier League earnings have been announced and, despite claiming the title, newly crowned champions Manchester City haven’t come out on top.

The country’s top 20 teams split a pot of £2.42 BILLION this season, with the biggest clubs earning just under £150m each while the bottom feeders settled for a measly £94m.

How will they cope?


Each club is ranked by the total payment they received – a number that is made up of merit money, facility fees, domestic TV, overseas TV and central commercialisation.

Merit money

Merit money is very simple as it is based solely on each club’s finishing position in the league.

Bottom of the table West Brom received £1,931,268 in merit money, while every other club received an extra £1,931,268 for every position higher they finished.

Second bottom Stoke received £3,862,536 (2 x £1,931,268), third bottom Swansea received £5,793,804 (3 x £1,931,268) and so on.

Facility fees

Facility fees are based on how many of each club’s games were selected and aired on live TV.

To even things out, every side gets a guaranteed £12,312,666, even if fewer than ten of their games were chosen for live TV. The rest get an extra £1,129,879 for each game over ten.

For example, Huddersfield had under ten matches on live TV and so collected the £12,312,666, however Manchester United ended up with £32,650,495 as they had an extra 18 matches shown live.

Domestic TV, overseas TV and central commercialisation

These numbers are all equal for each club. All 20 sides receive £34,812,558 for domestic TV income, £40,771,108 for overseas TV income and £4,838,892 for central commercialisation (such as sponsors).

Click the right arrow on the image above to scroll through the Premier League money table which sees each club ranked on their total payments received in 2017/18.

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